Do You Ship Worldwide?

Yes, absolutely! We ship all over the world!


How Long Will It Take For My Package To Arrive?

Shipping takes about 3-7 days depending where you are located!


How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping is FREE with every order!


Will I Receive a Tracking Number?

Yes, once your package has shipped you will receive a tracking number sent to the E-mail you gave us when you made your order!


How Do I Pay?

We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum & Monero currently as forms of payment. We are working on accepting other forms of cryptocurrency in the future! You can also pay with cash in person if you are in the New York area!


Can I Buy More Than One?

If it says we have stock, feel free to order as many as you would like. Please do not exceed what we have in stock because then you would have to wait for the next batch of miners for us to be able to fulfill your entire order. Please only order what we have currently in stock.


What Do I Do Once I Receive My Miner? Is It Easy?

It is very simple! Plug your miner into the FREE power supply unit that we send you, turn it on, point it towards a pool, enter your Bitcoin/Litecoin address. Collect your coins! (You will be sent very simple instructions to follow)


What If I Do Not Currently Have Any Cryptocurrency?

You can get cryptocurrency from Coinbase.com or LocalBitCoins.com very easily. There are also Bitcoin ATMs in major cities.


Do You Offer Refunds?

Yes of course! If for any reason your miner is dead on arrival you can request a refund or we will ship you out another miner FREE of charge! If you have your miner longer than 30 days, it will no longer fall until our refund policy!


Do You Have A Warranty?

Yes! We have a 6 month warranty! If you miner burns out or breaks within 6 months, we will replace it for you for FREE! We will also cover the shipping cost of the new miner!